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A culture of doing the right things.

Anyone can promise great service, but not everyone can deliver it. At Mission West Insurance Solutions, we’ve built a culture around doing the right things. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these client testimonials to see exactly what we mean.

Consultative Value Delivered.
As a niche contract manufacturing business servicing the global Aerospace and Defense industry, our risk exposures are costly, complex and constantly evolving. We needed an insurance CONSULTANT not an insurance BROKER and we have truly realized that consultative value through Tony McIntosh and Mission West. Their expert knowledge base, robust platform and consultative approach have delivered comprehensive and cost-effective risk mitigation solutions that are custom-tailored to our unique and ever-changing business needs.

Ryan EdwardsPresident - Rubicon Gear

Delivered More Than Expected.
The experience we have had with Mission West has been nothing short of fantastic. The professionalism, expertise and value-added proactive deliverables were significantly better than any broker we have worked with to date. The team goes above and beyond the expectation of a broker, providing us with transparency into our business, risk mitigation solutions and claim advocacy and control. In today's commodity filled broker world, Mission West certainly stands out from the crowd. We will be long term partners with Mission West.

Lindsey BredeVP of Human Resources - Big O Tires

Everything You Promised and More.
I have been very impressed with your company and its deliverable to date. With most brokers you get a piece of paper and a promise. However, the promise often falls short of anything spectacular. Mission West has delivered more than expected, and in so many ways. We have experienced superior claims handling, a reduction in rates year over year and introductions to very strong carrier partnerships and vendor relationships that have benefited us as an insured. I would recommend anyone in the hospitality or restaurant industry to work with Mission West.

Justin OtsukaCFO - Paul Martin's American Grill

So Thankful.
Words cannot express how thankful I am for all your help over the years. I know ever since I first started in HR, you (Joe Fisco) and Andrew have always been there to answer all my questions and provide guidance when needed. This has been such an amazing learning experience for me and I am thankful for the awesome working relationship Ingardia Brothers Producer has built with Mission West. Thank you for always going above and beyond to take care of us; the extra jokes on the side just make it that much more enjoyable and personable. Looking forward to many more years of continued growth with you and the Ingardia Bros Produce family. Thanks again for everything!

Taylor IngardiaVP of HR - Ingardia Bros Produce

Best Decision We Have Ever Made.
You have not experienced what a full-service insurance brokerage like Mission West can do for you until you give them a chance to do it. Few people like changing from their comfort zone…but how do you know you have not been lulled into insurance vendor complacency? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” does not apply to everything. Our challenge was a broken system that we didn’t know was broken until we saw what Mission West could do for our whole insurance picture. It was immediately clear and we’ll look back on this change and tout it as one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.

Tom PorterOperations/Controller - Warrior Custom Golf

A True Partnership.
Mission West has EXCEEDED our expectations of an insurance broker. They have provided us real value and a true partnership in our eyes. They understand our company’s business needs and have been very proactive, responsive and professional. The team has helped us with continually improving our safety culture, provided us with proper compliance documentation, structured an emergency action plan, and continue to provide quality coverage with financially strong carriers.

Gigi DryerVP Human Resources - Dana Innovations

I Sleep Well At Night.
I truly am very pleased working with Mission West as an arm to our company. You have been very professional in providing my needs as a business owner in a very complex Telecom field. In all the people I have communicated with in your firm, everyone has been very pleasant, highly knowledgeable and helpful. We feel comfortable leaving our insurance needs in the hands of Mission West, knowing we are covered and our business is being looked at with a careful eye. I would recommend anyone to Mission West and your team, Tony.

Dan LeafCEO - Leaf Communications

Hold You In the Highest Regard.
First off, this was the best narrative I have seen for a submission. The detail and thought that you put into this narrative was second to none, and helps us better understand the risk. Thank you for taking the time to prepare this for us.As a Certified Zenith Agent, we hold you in the highest regard. I can assure you that your submissions and pre-qualified opportunities are looked at from all angles to see how we can help you partner with Zenith.

Dominick TomainoSenior Marketing Manager - Zenith Insurance Co.

You Guys Just Get It.
The Scope of Work you included in the narrative is a VERY good addition – I haven’t seen this for any submission. Well done. The majority of classes have a range of work performed, which is used by underwriting to give more credit. You hit it on the head. Your clients will continue to be rewarded by this thoughtfulness and approach.

Trevor McIntoshAVP, Commercial Underwriting Officer

Thank You.
Dear Mr. McIntosh - Thanks for coming in and speaking to our team. In total, we had 44 middle market underwriters, 12 senior managers and a few members of our executive team in attendance from the 5 western states of Nationwide. The expertise that you shared with the team will go a long way with our folks because the information was honest and straightforward, yet professional. The team really respected that style. One other thing I would add is that during the course of our 3-day conference we had a significant amount of information to cover. In the end when we surveyed the team on what was the most useful to them, they selected your session. Well done.
As a key business partner for us in Business Development here at Nationwide, you are only part of a select group that we are strategically planning and growing in tandem with your agency's goal and we fell we match up very strongly and will continue to partner on new and creative ways to serve the commercial middle market space. We'll continue to apply best practices around risk mitigation and providing coverage and services at the highest level for our mutual customers.
One last thing, I appreciate you taking the time to be on our agency council. Just another thing to keep us going down the right path as we work with our agency partners and customers. The council's input is critical, and we look to evolve based on the feedback and I hope you enjoy the group's interaction too.
I look forward to being successful for many years to come!

Dan WillmerDirector CL Middle Market Business, West Regional Operations - Nationwide

We are Big Fans.
I want to congratulate you and compliment you on one of the most thorough, comprehensive and detailed submissions I’ve seen. I can assure you that the amount of information obtained made the analysis and decision-making very thoughtful. Thank you for the terrific submission, we look forward to working with you in every way possible.

Ron ClosserLos Angeles Regional Underwriting Officer - Zenith Insurance Co.
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