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Hello, we are Mission West & we give our clients back time.

What We Do

Insurance Strategy

In the course of providing comprehensive insurance solutions, we provide recommendations to assist with achieving the financial health and depth-of-solution objectives of our clients.

Insurance Policy Design

We believe in performing a detailed analysis of your operations and then customizing a program to meet the needs of the enterprise risk management plan for proper risk transfer. This allows our clients to focus on their business and what they do best.

Policy Audit

We dive deep with a comprehensive understanding of your business, and we provide a complete and thorough policy report card based on the enterprise risk tolerance plan. We then review coverage gap identifications and improvement recommendations including cost projections.

Real-Time Advocacy

We provide more value for your insurance spend. Our continued re-investment into our technology platform allows for comprehensive real time risk management analysis. It’s not tech for tech’s sake but rather tech that provides real value to our clients.

Safety & Health

Being proactive with real-time risk management will ultimately decrease your claims. We specialize in solving the challenges confronting businesses and offer straightforward, common sense services that help identify, evaluate and control the total cost of risk in a constantly changing environment.

Give Back Time

You won’t hear this much from many brokers. But it’s true. We give our clients back time. We do this through our real-time technology and claims reporting. Our clients gain back on average 20 minutes a claim, when they have to file one.

Our Core Values


Nobody said transforming an industry or solving major problems was easy. We believe in thinking long term and we don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. We believe in reverse engineering everything we do, to create value for our clients.


We believe excellence starts with a beginner’s mind. In other words, you don’t want to be a know-it-all; you want to be a learn-it-all. By doing this, we rethink everything from the ground up, not being forced to remain within outdated or irrelevant constraints, rather, always looking for new and innovative solutions.


If you’re going to accomplish great things, you need a team of great people. We want people who know what they’re doing and have the necessary emotional intelligence to work well with others at the same time.


This is REALLY important. We value our time with family, friends and the community. We afford our employees unlimited vacation. Benefits that take care of our extended family. The freedom and time to create and deliver a homerun to the company, consistently.

Welcome to Mission West,

Mission West Insurance Solutions is a full-service insurance brokerage offering a consultative approach and client-centric, proactive delivery.  Simply said, we care. We’re grateful that our clients choose to work with us, so we choose to reinvest our revenue in providing our clients with technology tools and real-time safety & health deliverables to help with their performance, year over year. This allows our clients to focus on their business and what they do best, and we take care of the insurance and risk management part.

We’re different. With our clients in mind, we have recruited and built our company with some of the best in the business from the ground up. Our full-service brokerage provides quality insurance programs, transparency, and value.  We believe in understanding and caring about your business needs. We offer a true partnership, and we have the experience to back this up. Our clients can aim high and risk less, knowing they have a team of experts handling their insurance policy and risk management needs.

We have decades of experience in underwriting, claims adjusting, brokering, program management, safety and health, and compliance. Our team includes previous claims adjusters as our in-house claims professionals, who provide proactive and thorough results, building a solid foundation for our clients. We have CIC, ARM, MLIS, CEES, WCCA, CYBER, AU, CRIS designations and more, and we encourage continued educational achievements amongst our team.

We believe in providing valuable safety & health risk management tools and services to help you minimize or avoid losses at no additional cost to you or your business.”  – Joe Fisco – Director of Safety & Health

Our carrier relationships are solid. We aim to deliver long-term partnerships for our carriers and we value their people and products. In turn, this helps us with market selection and access for our clients’ policy needs. 

We listen. No matter what the need or risk, we’ve got it covered.

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