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We offer more than just your typical insurance products.

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Offering our clients the best insurance coverage is our primary goal – but we don’t stop there! We offer various other products and services that are not typically offered by most insurance agencies.

Mission West Efficiencies

Analytics & Audit Reports

Our team performs an in-depth analysis of coverages in place, and provides recommendations based on the individual business risk exposures.


Access to our 24-7 bilingual, custom cloud based proprietary risk management concierge solution. We have customized Insta-reporting capabilities and include human resources concierge service from trusted third party resources.

In-House Safety & Health Advocates

We help solve the challenges businesses face and offer straightforward services that help identify, evaluate and control the total cost of risk in a constantly changing environment.

Accountability & Transparency

Our clients can expect written service plans, with plan of action timelines.

Premium Financing & Benchmarking

Insurance benchmarking by industry and premium financing capabilities.

Coverage Capabilities

Insurance policy solutions for businesses and individuals.

In-House Claims Advocates

We provide proactive claims management. We walk our clients through a workers’ compensation claims implementation plan.

Full Service Brokerage

We’re considered to be elite among our industry peers, based on our quality of work and reputations.

Other Services


Mission West produces a bi-weekly podcast with a variety of insurance related topics for business owners and insurance industry colleagues.

Video Production

Mission West produces safety training videos for our clients use. We can customize a training video specific to our clients safety and training needs.

Drone Property Modeling

We can provide innovative turnkey solutions for construction related businesses such as visual and thermal inspections, inspections of buildings and dwellings and 3D modeling for measuring up quotes or for supervising or promoting a project. We can assist with accident scene investigations for major catastrophe losses. We can also provide our real estate clients with immersive 3D modeling with photos, videos and virtual tours.

Earthquake/Flood/Liquefaction Modeling

We provide our clients with owned locations modeling for earthquake, flood zones and liquefaction areas for better risk mitigation decision making.

Insurance Strategy

In the course of providing comprehensive insurance solutions, we provide recommendations to assist with achieving the financial health and depth-of-solution objectives of our clients.

Insurance Policy Design

We believe in performing a detailed analysis of your operations and then customizing a program to meet the needs of the enterprise risk management plan for proper risk transfer. This allows our clients to focus on their business and what they do best.

Policy Audit

We dive deep with a comprehensive understanding of your business, and we provide a complete and thorough policy report card based on the enterprise risk tolerance plan. We then review coverage gap identifications and improvement recommendations including cost projections.

Real-Time Advocacy

We provide more value for your insurance spend. Our continued re-investment into our technology platform allows for comprehensive real time risk management analysis. It’s not tech for tech’s sake but rather tech that provides real value to our clients. Our claim advocacy is in real-time. We are proactive with every claim. Managing the claim lifecycle from the beginning to the end, helps our clients perform year over year. We utilize our custom-built technology for instantly reporting claims. You file the claim with us, and we take care of everything else. Saving our clients, a bunch of time and compliance headaches.

Safety & Health

Being proactive with real-time risk management will ultimately decrease your claims costs. We specialize in solving the challenges confronting businesses and offer straightforward, common sense services that help identify, evaluate and control the total cost of risk in a constantly changing environment.

Give Back Time

You won’t hear this much from many brokers. But it’s true. We give our clients back time. We do this through our real-time technology and claims reporting. Our clients gain back on average 20 minutes a claim, when they have to file one.