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Charter Schools

Your passion for education is your first priority. The health and welfare of your employees and your insurance risk transfer is ours.

From new charters with a growing faculty to an established organization with multiple campuses, our insurance professionals are experts at designing unique insurance solutions to meet the requirements of your charter and help you retain and recruit top talent.We understand the unique insurance needs of these dynamic and innovative educational organizations. We specialize in effective marketing to contain costs, maintain coverage and ensure quality of service so you can focus on your students and classrooms.

How we partner with Charter Schools:

In-depth risk management analysis to target property & casualty needs
Exclusive market access
Access to top notch carrier partners and resources that cater to charter schools
Onsite loss consultation at no cost to minimize risk and avoid claims

Our Charter School expertise:

Expertise with results: 20-30% rate reductions and ongoing competitive pricing as a result of our marketing and risk management.