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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to file a claim. How can I do that?

Notify us by sending all documentation materials via our instant reporting technology on our report a claim tab under our website menu or by calling us at:

Andrew Hilberg – 949.247.2185
Director, Claims

or via email at:

I need a certificate of insurance. How do I get one?

Easy. Just send us an email or give us a call with the details of who the certificate holder or requester is and what their requirements are. Usually they will provide their requirements in written form, which can be shared with us and we produce the certificate for you. This is usually completed within a few hours.

Are all of your deliverables free?

Yes, not one – but all of them! We highly recommend leaning into our safety & health deliverable and proprietary EDGE system. This custom, 24/7 resource helps keep our clients businesses on track and in compliance.

Is your claim advocacy pro-active or reactive?

Our claim advocacy is in real-time. We are proactive with every claim. Managing the claim lifecycle from the beginning to the end, helps our clients perform year over year. We utilize our custom-built technology for instantly reporting claims. You file the claim with us, and we take care of everything else. Saving our clients, a bunch of time and compliance headaches.

Do you have reports, dashboards, and tools for transparency into my business?

Yes, not one – but many! We have beautifully designed reports for our clients to take a deep dive into their businesses performance. Our reports are one of a kind.

Can I come visit your offices?

Yes! We love our clients and encourage every one of them to come visit us at our offices. We have coffee, water, candy, snacks and even adult beverages depending on the hour of your visit.