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Welcome to the newly rebranded
Mission West Insurance Solutions.

Our company has recently changed into something even more extraordinary. Because of our strong growth trajectory and our strategy of continued investment in expansion, our company has rebranded our Property & Casualty group to Mission West Insurance Solutions. This rebranding will allow us more independence, new growth opportunities, and more expansive programs and offerings for our clients. While our dedicated team remains the same, we believe we are better positioned to serve our clients more effectively than ever before.

The name Mission West Insurance Solutions brings back a bit of personal history as to how our founder, Tony McIntosh, got started in the insurance industry.  Tony’s grandfather was the Chairman & CEO of Mission Insurance Group, one of the largest worker’s compensation carriers in California in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.  Mission West Insurance is extremely proud of the opportunity to carry on this rich family history in the insurance industry.

Mission West Insurance Solutions looks forward to continuing to offer you the custom service, attention to detail, and proactive technology and resources that we not only pride ourselves on, but that your business deserves.

Let’s work together to allow your business to aim high, while risking less.